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 Sponsorship Devisions

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PostSubject: Sponsorship Devisions   Sponsorship Devisions EmptyMon Jul 05, 2010 1:20 am

Division1- Team Gets Nothing It Is A 1Month Showing Us That You Are Dedicated And That Leader Must Make His/Her 10 Posts A Week

Division2- Team Gets Graphics Team Gets A New Website Made By Site Owner.

Division3- 1 Player On The Team Gets A USCODE 1600 MSP Card Chosen By Leader

Division4- Leader Obtains 100 GB Credits And His Profile Designed By 3DGraphics Sponsor

Elite Division- All Players Have The Option To Ask For GB Credits Only 15 Will Be Granted, Graphics, Profiles Get Designed To Their Own Standards, And They Become V.I.P Members On The Site

GT-Xi JuMPz iX

Sponsorship Devisions 2lntqqe
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Sponsorship Devisions
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